October 18, 2018
Since they started in business in 1968, Ebert Construction has come to be known for the team approach they always take to every job. They are very good at what they do, but what is impressive is, they do almost everything. Whereas nearly every other Minnesota contractor can and will construct a building that will meet an organization’s standards, only Ebert Construction has the capability and the skill to help with every aspect of the development, construction or renovation of any company’s properties and facilities.

Ebert Construction can build, remodel or renovate commercial buildings, but they also can help to plan the project, then help to acquire the real estate, if necessary. They can also fully analyze market opportunities to make sure every client gets the best possible deal. They can also conduct the most thorough and complete market research and analysis necessary to make sure the client’s financial needs are met and to make sure the property is being developed to its fullest potential. In operation since 1968, hundreds of commercial buildings have been constructed, remodeled, restored, and converted by Ebert Construction, and there are valid reasons for that.
March 25, 2018
It is certain there are many qualified contractors to choose from in the state of Minnesota. However, Ebert Construction has staked out a lot of territory to call its own. That’s why they stand out from many others. They will not only build or renovate the project to their client company’s specifications, they also help find the best possible commercial property for the company in the first place. That’s right; whereas many companies decide on a new facility themselves and just hire someone to build it, Ebert’s team of professionals do a whole lot more.

Even before construction begins, they can help clients decide whether they even need a new building, or if leasing an older facility and perhaps renovating or rehabilitating it may be a better idea and save some serious money. Their clients likely ask, why hire three separate firms, when it’s possible to hire Ebert Construction and have them take care of everything, from start to finish? They meet every definition of a full service real estate company, as well as a general contractor. They even offer tenant representation services that are so good, no other contractor is needed.